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Redesign CC website

Canada Computers (CC) Founded in 1991, Canada Computers & Electronics is a retailer of personal computers, IT and components, as well as consumer electronics. Over its 30-year history, they continue to provide customers with the best products at the best value that the computer retail world can offer.

Project Scope: 9 months
Role: Design Lead, UX Research, UI Design


Challenge :

The main website looked dated before working with my team, and the structure was not customer friendly. Also, the website lacked essential elements such as SEO marketing, so customers could not find the website easily on google. And there were too many Call-To-Actions, so the visitor's eyes were confused about where to go. Also, there were many customer complaints on social media regarding user experience.

Goal :

  • Reduce the number of CTAs on the front page

  • Support responsive Web

  • Enhanced SEO result (site tracking, Rich contents)

  • Enhanced search bar function

  • Convert from static link to Dynamic link

  • GEO Target IP (for Quebec stores)


Responsive design

This task involved multiple departments integrating the newly recreated home pages into the new architecture established in the previous website. The main focus was to integrate responsive design into the page template, create new responsive UI web components, and convert existing components to responsive.
In addition to developing the UI for the main website, my task was to help lead, build up and establish our design process.

  • Convert legacy items(static) to dynamic link

  • Responsive Meta Tags added

  • CSS @media queries added

  • Various image ratio created by designers

Header and Footer Design

Problem : 

Numerous customers left negative comments about the search function on google reviews. The old search bar ran very slowly, and keywords had to be accurate for a better search result. 


Solution :

  • Increased the size of search bar + greeting message

  • Enhanced search feature support live keywords, AI-powered search, category

  • One of the prime hot spots for vendors who want to expose more promotions 


Navigation menu

Problem : 

Many customers reported that they "can't find anything." Our team listened carefully to this. There were such busy menu items in the navigation bar at the top that it was difficult for users to find things quickly. So my team needed to redesign the navigation menu more concisely into a more clearly defined category.


Work closely with category management groups and stakeholders to define and determine what is needed to build an intuitive navigation menu while maintaining the product with one goal in mind.



The customer support team reported an increase in satisfaction of experience within the site. The new navigation menu made it easier to perform tasks and complete tasks in a shorter time. 

Product detail page

Problem :

The Product detail page suffered from a cluttered, dated design, and the senior product management wanted to give it a makeover. These pages were the highest traffic on the website via social media links. Also, the page could not display other product options, so visitors had to go back to the main category page and search again. Since the product page garners 60% of traffic from search engines, the "face" of Canada Computers was in many ways, so the senior team was keen to make that first impression a good one.


Solution :

  • Adjusted and refined the size of the pricing for better legibility 

  • Rank system was added and placed on the upper side since visitors spent time reading and a higher conversion rate.

  • Rich contents on the overview tab, meta tag added Detailed product description/keyword written by copywriter team, and enhanced pictures edited by graphic team

  • Breadcrumb links added to access the upper menu easily.

Image guideline

I created image guidelines for better SEO, that includes the below key points. 

  • Proper residing images

  • Right format, compression rate

  • Optimize file names

  • Using alt tags

  • Optimize the image title

Dynamic link

Problem :

The website used to have the static link on the home page due to server issues before being redesigned. Developers had to hardcode all the information manually, so pricing errors often happen by human error. Also, click/conversion rates are valuable data for a retail company. It could be a critical financial loss for the company, so converting to static page is one of the main goals when it's redesigned. 


Solution & Result:

The backend team doubled the number of servers to handle more traffic. It was a big investment, but CC marketing team could receive more funds as CC provided various forms of "Prime advertisement spot" to vendors. At the same time, my team set up tracking codes for each element. After collecting data on Google analysis, I attended weekly meetings based on data to discuss sales results for upcoming promotions.



Redesigned the existing Canada Computers website to improve accessibility and usability, and overall user traffic as well as sales increased as a result by 150% during early COVID-19 period. 

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